Have mercy.

Ashley: One of my fave Super Bowl commercials was the Oikos commercial, featuring my fave Greek god, John Stamos. (Well, the David Beckham ad was pretty drool worthy, but there is just something about John Stamos. Seriously, he just gets better with age.) Although, I do think the commercial was a little unrealistic. I’m not sure I’d EVER head butt John Stamos. Especially for yogurt. I mean, come on.

John Stamos Oikos

Sara: I have to admit I am a little over David Beckham, he comes in this great package and then you hear him talk and its the voice of a 14 year old boy before puberty. (Sorry Becks, you are still very pretty.) I actually bought that yogurt the next time I went shopping purely because John was in the commercial! So did my friend! I would like to say I wouldn’t head butt him, but honestly any contact would be a win in my book.

John Stamos Oikos John Stamos Oikos

Ashley: Ha! Yeah, I guess you’re right. The Google image search for this one totally had my heart racing! I’ve loved him since Full House, even with the bad haircut. It wasn’t his fault, it was the late 80s, all hair was bad. But he just got sexier as the series went on. Remember that Forever video?? Drool. And now he’s just smokin’ hot all the time! He totally made the second season of Glee for me. Actually, he should just get a spinoff where he sits around and looks pretty for an hour. Maybe sings a few songs. Shows off those pearly whites. I’d watch that.

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