A Ryan we’d like to play house with.

Ashley: I know we share a lot of love for a certain Ryan around here, but we really shouldn’t neglect the other Ryan. Ryan Reynolds. He’s just as hot, equally as charming, and I don’t know why we’ve waited so long to share the love. (Minus the one small mention.) Luckily, I’ve been seeing his mug all over TV in the Safe House trailers, and it reminded me that we needed to do this post!

Ryan Reynolds Details

Sara: I have always loved him. I used to call him the “cute one” back when he was on Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place. I fall a little bit more in love with him with each movie. And I am still hoping that he and Sandra Bullock will end up getting married! I just adore the two of them!

Ashley: I never watched that show. Now I wish I had! But I loved the chemistry he had with Sandra in The Proposal and they are friends in real life, so maybe it’ll happen. (I’m glad he’s moved on from Scarlett, I just didn’t get that marriage.) I also loved him in Definitely, Maybe. He is just like the perfect guy in that movie. Do you want to see Safe House? I don’t even know what it’s about cause I can’t focus on anything beyond Ryan’s face.

Ryan Reynolds Details Ryan Reynolds Details

Sara: I do want to see Safe House. I adore him and Denzel Washington! My only reservation about seeing it is that I don’t think he goes shirtless in this movie…every RR movie needs a good shirtless scene! He has such a charm about him on and off screen, you just can’t help but swoon!

Ashley: Yeah, love him. And while we’re on the subject, I remember reading this quote from Ryan Gosling about Ryan Reynolds that is just too cute not to share. In reference to female fans, RG told CNN, “It’s funny because then they get close enough and they realize I’m not Ryan Reynolds and then they walk away. With their heads down.” Don’t despair, RG, you know we love you. And your equally attractive, name-sharing counterpart!

Check out Ryan (and Denzel) in Safe House, in theaters now!

Ryan Reynolds Details Ryan Reynolds Details Ryan Reynolds Details Ryan Reynolds Details
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