Thursday nights in my house are spent in full on obsession mode. It starts with the Salvatore brothers and ends with the guys of The Big Bang Theory. I know they may not be as obviously sexy as Damon and Stefan, but there is something about those geeks that I can’t get enough of. I tend to be attracted to the nerdy-sexy type, although these guys are just nerdy-nerdy. But they are still totally charming and irresistible in their own way.

The Big Bang Theory

I don’t know who I’m more obsessed with, Sheldon or Leonard. Can a girl love both or do I have to pick a team? Sheldon is irritating but lovable (Soft Kitty anyone?), and has a fab t-shirt collection. Leonard is witty and unassuming and a bit of a hopeless romantic. With an equally impressive hoodie collection. And I love Penny, too. She’s a sassy wino and I can totally relate to that. And Raj and Howard. Really, I just love the whole thing. All of it. And a big shout out to TBS for extending my obsession to three nights a week!

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory

And in case you’re not familiar with Soft Kitty, you need to be:

{ Photos courtesy of CBS & TVGuide }

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