Pink & Teal: Not just for girls anymore!

{ A BIG THANKS to Stacey for providing the first guest post (and first blog post) of the new year. But really, thanks for letting us slack for one more day before resuming posting! }

Since Thanksgiving I’ve been noticing a trend within the male retail realm – a rainbow of options from caviar containers to socket sets. But what strikes me the most about these spectrums of retail variety is that pink and teal just keep popping up. Maybe the days of pink being TRULY gender neutral are here! Let’s find out.

One of my favorite aggregators of all things stylish and manly is Urban Daddy. Before Black Friday, they sent out an e-blast touting the most gorgeous little tins of caviar. The packaging just as decadent as the food itself – but oh! Look at those colors! It might be far in the back of the shot, but there it is. PINK! (Did I tell you they even come with a little spoon like they’re the fanciest version of Handy Snacks you’ve never seen?)

The Manly Rainbow of Retail then tapped me on the shoulder while in Harbor Freight Tools. A metallic beacon of pink and fuchsia yelled from afar, “This isn’t your momma’s tool set!” I headed back for a photo opp last week just for this post and just LOOK AT ALL THOSE COLORS!

Harbor Freight Socket Set Color Coded Harbor Freight Color Ratchet Set

The final step towards the pot of gold at the end of the Spectrum de Masculine was discovered in Sears of all places. I swear this place is a diamond in the rough when it comes to your average department store. I know they’re closing another 120 stores, but seriously ladies, check out the pecks on Mr. Teal. He’s really just asking to be the King to the Christmas Story’s Leg Lamp Queen. AND he comes with two brothers! Mr. Lime is a bit too close to the Hulk, but I’ll take the yellow-bellied Mr. Canary out for drinks any night – as long as that belly hangs on to its six pack of course.

Sears Mannequin Sears mannequins Sears Mannequin

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