‘Tis the season for: Unconventional trees.

Christmas is by far my most favorite time of year. I’m sure it has something the fact that I’m a total shopaholic and now have a reason to go to shopping every day without being judged! But the shopping issue is for posts to come. I also love holiday decorations. Maybe I’m part magpie, but there is something about all the lights and sparkle and cheer of the season that just draws me in.

My house is currently undergoing some construction getting a facelift, which means everything is off my walls and shelves. So no decorations have gone up, and I don’t want to add to the chaos by pulling out all my containers of Christmas crap. OK, it’s not crap. I’m just frustrated. Can you tell? Anyways, I started looking for some simplified decorating options in case my house isn’t put back together in time, and came across some great unconventional tree ideas from CB2.

CB2 Tree Christmas Tree Lights
This is such a simple idea and would add a lovely glow to any room! Simply buy a few strands of lights and some Command™ Decorating Clips (to not damage your walls), create a tree silhoette, hang a few fave ornaments for a pop of color, and you have an insta-tree! This would also be great for a guest room or kids room.

CB2 Tree Christmas Tree Lights Candleholders
The repeating pattern of candleholders hung in a pyramid shape makes a striking, modern and graphic tree. You can use the Whirly Candle Holder from CB2, or any sconce-like candleholder would work! Plus a one-time investment into flamelss candles would keep the tree glowing without being a fire hazard!

CB2 Tree Christmas Tree Lights Frames
This idea requires a bit more planning, and a lot of frames, but it makes such a beautiful statement! You could always spray paint old frames you may have lying around the house and find some cool holiday related art online (or make your own if you’re feeling ambitious). Young House Love has some great tips for hanging a wall of frames!

CB2 Tree Christmas Tree Chalkboard Paint
This is an incredibly simple concept that could easily be changed seasonally. It would just require some chalkboard paint and chalk. And you have to be willing to paint a wall with chalkboard paint, but hey, it’s just paint, it’s not permanent. (Or you can use dry erase paint if you’re more of a white walls type of person.) And when the holidays are over, simply wash the wall and draw something new!

Feel free to share pics of your trees on our Facebook page!

{ Photos courtesy of CB2 }

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  • Loriann

    posted on 12.10.14 at 2:42 pm


    Totally understand your frustrations! Been there done that! The good news is it doesn’t last forever! With that being said I just love the sweet simplicity of the first “Tree”…I am looking for something simple to put up in the bedroom and that one will work just perfect!wondering how many strands of lights it would take? Oh ,doesn’t matter I can figure it out!
    Thanks for posting these they are all great! Hang in there!!
    Happy Holidays!

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