Hollywood’s most charming bad boy: Robert Downey, Jr.

Ashley: Sara, I have some classic eye candy to share with you. They just released new posters for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows featuring the oh-so-charming Robert Downey, Jr. Does this man age at all? Well, I guess he does, but lucky for him (and us) he just seems to get better with age. And look at that smirk on his face! It’s so cocky and so cute, all at the same time. (OK, this poster is from the first movie, but he’s so freaking cute in this one, I had to share it first.)

Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey, Jr. movie poster

Sara: He is adorable! I love his hair in this too. There is nothing to complain about. The only thing I wish you could experience through the image is his voice. That raspy-sexy thing he has going on totally works for him (and me)!

Ashley: Well, I have a complaint. Not about RDJr (or his hair) but about the Sherlock Holmes movies in general. Why on earth do they give Jude Law that stupid mustache? I understand it’s part of his character and all that, but I think they could have taken some creative liberties with this one. They should have just made him look as good as he did in The Holiday and then we’d have double the eye candy. But whatever. He can’t really compete with RDJr anyways. I’m sorry to blab, but do you know when I fell in love with RDJr? In 1994 when he played the adorable Peter Wright in Only You. Have you seen it?

Sherlock Holmes 2 A Game of Shadows movie poster Robert Downey, Jr.  Sherlock Holmes 2 A Game of Shadows movie poster Robert Downey, Jr.

Sara: I am not a big Jude Law fan, with the exception of The Holiday! I love him in that!! I have not seen Only You, but it is however in my Netflix queue! I just enjoy RDJr all around. He is sexy in a dirty, bad boy kind of way. I also enjoy watching him on the press circuit, he has such a way about him that you can’t help but be drawn to him!

Ashley: Yeah, he just oozes charm, and I’m glad he’s made a comeback from his bad boy days while still maintaining the bad boy attitude! (Sidenote, I love The Holiday, too, which makes me think we should do a girly holiday movie post!) And you should move Only You to the top of that queue! RDJr, Marisa Tomei (love her), Italy, shoes…seriously, so good. Well, now that we’ve totally derailed, I’m really excited for the Sherlock Holmes sequel. I loved the first one and I hope the second one is just as good. You can see it in theaters on December 16th!

{ Photos courtesy of Warner Bros. }

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