Seize the day! Newsies comes to Broadway!

 Sara: Okay, I am really, Really, REALLY excited about Newsies coming to Broadway!! I was so in love with Cowboy growing up. It was my first intro to Christian Bale. I had the VHS tape and played the cassette soundtrack so much I ruined the tape. I could not get enough of that movie! The story, the songs, the boys, the young romance!! Ahhh….memories. I know you loved it, too. We HAVE to get tickets to this show!

Christian Bale Newsies Jack Kelly Cowoby

Ashley: I would LOVE to! I wanted to go see it during the previews at the Paper Mill Playhouse but didn’t get a chance. My friend saw it though and she said it was great, which makes me even more excited. The guy who plays Jack Kelly (Jeremey Jordan) is super cute, but I don’t think he’s available for the Broadway run, and…he’s no Christian Bale. You know that he is one of my all time greatest obsessions. I think I  have his every move in the movie memorized, so it will be hard to see someone else in that role. In fact, I was so obsessed with Newsies, and Christian Bale, that I used to pause the movie during certain scenes, take pics of the TV with my camera, get the film developed, and then hang those pictures on my wall. Now THAT is dedication. And yes, I’m a little embarrassed I admitted that.

Newsies Broadway  Jeremy Jordan

Sara: Dedication and little cray cray! But I love it. I wasn’t quick enough to think of that! I even loved Brooklyn and I would pause the movie when they were going to visit him and were just crossing the bridge and first saw him…swoon! I use to make my sister practice the dances with me! I might even remember a few of the steps. We MUST get tickets, this will be epic!

Newsies Brooklyn Spot Conlon Gabriel Damon Christian Bale Newsies Jack Kelly Cowoby

Ashley: I know the exact Brooklyn scene you’re talking about. I used to pause the movie there, too. Super scary, Sara. In fact, I feel like I should go watch it and take a pic for this post, but…now we have the Internet! So much more convenient. (OMG, I feel like I’ve waited 18 years to do this post and I feel a little giddy right now!) Anyways, I’ll be curious to see who they cast as the lead. I’m not-so-secretly hoping that Christian Bale will want to reprise his role as Jack Kelly! I mean, really, is it too much to hope for?

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The show begins previews at the Nederlander Theater (home to another huge obsession, Rent) on March 15th and opening night is March 29th. It will have a very limited  run of 101 performances, so make sure to get your tickets when they go on sale on January 30, 2012. For more information, visit

Newsies Musical Broadway Jeremy Jordan Newsies Musical Broadway Jeremy Jordan Newsies Musical Broadway Jeremy Jordan Newsies Musical Broadway Jeremy Jordan
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