Sally Hansen Salon Effects, trendy or tacky?

I have all kinds of issues with my nails. I was a chronic nail biter until about 5 years ago when I got gel nails for my wedding. I kept them for about a year, and that pretty much cured my habit. But I’m tough on my nails and manicures rarely last more than a few days. Or I pick my polish off, and then pick my nails. I guess picking isn’t much better than biting. Either way, the longest I’ll have nails that are all the same length is usually about a week. Sigh. Lately, due to life being hectic and somewhat stressful, I’ve been picking again. And I’ve been meaning to at least put some clear polish on, but its like the very last thing on my to-do list!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects
Anyways…I’ve been wanting to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effects for a while now. They seem like a good idea for a nail biter/picker. They are basically like stickers of nail polish that you apply to your nails. They are supposed to last 10 days, with no dry time, and look like you just stepped out of the salon. I watched this tutorial and they seem pretty easy to apply, and here’s a great tip: if your nails are short, like mine, you can use one strip for two nails!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Check It Out

So, the catalyst behind my interest in this product is a little blurb I read in my Lucky mag. They featured a houndstooth print from the line. Houndstooth! But I can’t decide if the houndstooth is trendy or tacky? Maybe just on one nail like in the picture? Either way, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to try them.

The Salon Effects come in a variety of solid colors and fun prints. Something for everyone! (I’ll come back with a review after I try them. Or if anyone has tried them, let me know what you thought!)

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