Top Chef Just Desserts: Week 6

Top Chef JustDesserts Week 6(Jill is on vacation this week, so I’m filling in!)

Ashley: I hate to admit it, but this is actually the first episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts that I’ve watched. Ever. But since I’ve followed what’s been going on from your recaps, I felt like I kind of knew the contestants and what to expect. This week seemed super challenging. For the quickfire challenge the contestants had to make a dessert using a root vegetable. (Yuck?) Sally won with her mango pudding with turmeric. (None of that sounds good to me.)

Top Chef JustDesserts Week 6

Sara: No it doesn’t sound good. I think they made the best of it this show. Really, none of the challenges they were given, quickfire or elimination, had anything to do with desserts. Using Pork & Beans as a main ingredient?! That just ain’t right! It was interesting to see how they spun things to make them work. And not shocking, Orlando stayed in the middle again.

Top Chef JustDesserts Week 6 Beastie Boys Ad-Rock

Ashley: So, the elimination challenge was to make dessert using ingredients from the “Beastie Boys Pantry.” I’m not sure what the Beastie Boys have to do with baking, but all the ingredients were based on their song lyrics. Kinda cool but totally random. And gross. Each contestant chose two ingredients and then got Sabotaged with a random ingredient chosen by another contestant. Total recipe for disaster. I had to go read a recap cause I have no recall on what was made. I don’t think any of the desserts, if you can call them that, looked or sounded appetizing. But I can’t believe Orlando wasn’t in the bottom since he used store bought cookies, and Katzie with her totally unimaginative sweet pomme fries and dipping sauces.

Sara: It was shocking to me that Orlando wasn’t in the bottom. Besides using store made cookies, the judges all thought how he incorporated his “sabatoage” ingredient of peas was lacking. I was glad Matt won. He is my favorite this season, and I love the whip cream-like gravy he topped his mashed potato cheesecake with!

Top Chef JustDesserts Week 6 Beastie Boys Top Chef JustDesserts Week 6 Beastie Boys Ad-Rock

Ashley: While his dessert sounded disgusting (cornbread and mashed potato cheesecake, whiskey caramel, and gravy foam), the judges seemed to love it. Like Ad-Rock said, “The person who freaked it a little more was Matt.” And good for Matt, considering when he heard about the challenge, he said he wanted to throw up on himself! I did feel bad for Rebecca. Not only did she have too much garlic in her dessert (what??), she was a long time Beastie Boys fan and was “bananas excited” to meet Ad-Rock. So losing a challenge where you have to cook for a celeb crush? Devastating. Well, I guess now I’m hooked and have one more show to add to my long list of fall TV!

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