What we want to watch this fall: Ringer.

Sara: Have you heard about Ringer? It’s the show Sarah Michelle Gellar is making her comeback with. I have recently become addicted to The Lying Games on ABC Family, and Ringer is the much less “tweeny” version of that show. Sarah plays a twin who is living the life of her sister without anyone knowing! There is murder and love and all sorts of chaos and scandal so I am very excited!

Ringer Sarah Michelle Gellar

Ashley: I hadn’t heard of Ringer until you started this post! But like I said in our last post, another show I’m interested in due to the female lead! I never watched Buffy, but I loved SMG when she was creepily seducing her step brother (Ryan Phillippe) in Cruel Intentions. She was the perfect bitch in that movie! Which is hard to imagine cause she seems so nice in real life! Not that I know her…BTW, what ever happened to Freddy Prinze, Jr?? Sorry, I digress.

Sara: I never was into Buffy either, but love her as well! Plus I think her and Freddy are so adorable together. And I love that they fell for each other when playing love interest on the Scooby Doo movies. I would guess he is at home with their little nugget?? Maybe he will make a guest appearance on her new show! I am curious to see how this goes..could be the perfect blend of creepy and suspense with a dash of love, or just too much all at once.

Ashley: Well, it sounds like it has a lot going for it! Plus, I just realized Nestor Carbonell is part of the cast! You know him as Richard Alpert the man with the amazing eyelashes from Lost! The CW is doing something right over there, coming out with so many new shows, and they all look good! I will definitely give this one a try, as well as Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle (stay tuned for that post!). And of course it’s home to one of my absolute faves, The Vampire Diaries. Suspense/murder isn’t usually one of my favorite genres, but I feel like if it has The CW spin on it (pretty people + love affairs), I’ll probably like it!

Ringer premiers Tuesday September 13, 9/8c on The CW.

Ringer Sarah Michelle Gellar Ringer Sarah Michelle Gellar Nestor Carbonnell Ringer Sarah Michelle Gellar Ringer Sarah Michelle Gellar
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