The Picking’s Right!

I am one of those people who almost wants to weep thinking of all the time I have to wait between May season finales and September premieres for all my fave TV. I am already making my game plan on how to keep plenty of space on my DVR come fall. It is because of this I was so excited to stumble upon a new show to help get me through the summer!

The Picker Sisters, is a show on Lifetime about two best friends who are both interior designers. The besties (Tracy Hutson & Tanya McQueen) travel the states, looking through others “junk” for pieces they can turn into modern, chic home decor! Both the girls were on the ABC hit, Extreme Home Makeover, and got the idea after traveling and seeing all the things people held on to.

Their on the spot creativity and foresight is truly impressive. In one episode they took an old grain silo, and turned them into chairs! Beyond their awesome finds, the people they encounter and find themselves negotiating with are sure to make you smile.

Picker Sisters

If you are any kind of interior design show junkie, you will love this show! And if you aren’t into interior design, just enjoy two best friends taking on a new adventure together!

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