Ian Harding is DA MAN.

Here’s your little Wednesday pick-me-up!

I don’t know how many of you watch Pretty Little Liars, but if you don’t, here is a reason to start: Ian Harding. There are other reasons, too, such as all the great fashion, hair and makeup, and lots of other pretty people. And for a show on ABC Family, it’s pretty mature, suspenseful and well written. Sara and I are hooked. Of course it helps that Ian Harding (aka Mr. Ezra Fitz) is totally adorable.

Mr. Fitz is a bad teacher. And by bad I mean good. And by good I mean very hot! So even though Mr. Fitz is basically robbing the cradle and engaging in some illegal activities with a high schooler, we can forgive him cause he’s just so freaking cute! And it’s only a show. I’m sure Ian himself is a law abiding citizen. He is featured in the August/September issue of DA MAN, looking mighty fine, very fashionable, and a little bit sinister!

Maybe he’s learned from Damon that brooding = hot!

{ Photos courtesy of DA MAN }

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