Where are they now: Biore Strips.

While we discover new things to adore daily, we at Girly Obsessions felt that perhaps it is time to revisit some of the finer beauty moments from the past and see why they’ve departed from our daily advertising and utter cosmetic obsessions. As a tribute to VH1’s Where Are They Nowexpect some delightful trips back in beautification time weekly.

Where are they now: Biore Strips

Biore Pore Perfecting Strips

Back in the 90’s, Biore wasn’t even on the map. No one knew of their skin cleansing products until their most memorable pore cleansing commercial came out. Remove that paper mache strip off your nose and voila! “Eww …it looks like a porcupine!” While we weren’t able to find that exact commercial, we did find this one from 1997 and this Japanese one which seems to really hone in on the porcupine aspect.

What fascinates me the most about this moment in beauty-product-history is that somehow Biore was able to harness the fun/gross part of taking care of your skin. They tapped into an audience of MTV viewers (who misses the 10 Spot? I sure as hell do) who might actually enjoy being slightly grossed out by all the crap sitting within the pores of one’s nose. I would love to know if there were focus groups, pre-product launch, where the executives sat back, amazed by the 15 year old girls “ewwing” with awe, excitement and fascination.

2011 Update: After doing a bit of research to see where Biore is now, I found the following tidbits.

  • • Biore Strips are still around, now in a MedSpa green colored box, usually found on
  •    the shelves of CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and more.
  • • There is still an embrace of gross = good skin from both the company and
  •    its customers.
  • • A plethora of videos are available on YouTube where you can watch someone
  •    not only use the strips, but show an extreme close-up of how gross their strip is
  •    (such as this one here).

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