TGIF: Heatwave Edition

Sar, it’s been a long week. So, I have a little Friday treat for you! It might even make you feel better than a night of heavy drinking! I have some new stills from the upcoming movie Immortals, starring Kellan Lutz (yum) and Henry Cavill (double yum!). I know we drooled over Ryan Goslings abs last week, but I don’t think they have anything on Henry Cavill’s (I’m just assuming they’re real and not painted on!).

Sara: This was a long week, and these pics do help…but you know what would be better??  A poster size for me to take home and hang!  Ryan, as gorg as he is, really doesn’t have anything on Henry’s abs!  Henry leading his army of hotness into any battle is something I can jump on board with. What is this movie even about?

Ashley: Does it even matter? According to Wikipedia, it’s loosely based on the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and the Titanomachy. Yeah, ok. I didn’t think anyting would be hotter than this heatwave we’re experiencing in the northeast, but this trailer might be the one thing that is:

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