Crazy, Stupid, Swooning

Sara:  I am soo excited for Crazy, Stupid, Love to come out!!  Ryan Gosling is crazy, stupid hot!!  He might be one of the few who ACTUALLY makes my teeth sweat…yum.  Are you coming with when is opens July 29th??

Ashley: Obvi!!! I wouldn’t pass an opportunity to see Ryan Gosling’s Abs. Please, like you even had to ask. And not to get off topic, but this movie has a pretty great cast. And Steve Carell is kinda hot in his own way, but not as hot as Ryan Gosling’s Abs. Do you think they will distract from, or enhance, his acting skills?

Sara: I am sorry…I wasn’t even really reading what you said, I was still gawking at Ryan’s abs.  I am sure they can only enhance!  And I am excited to see Emma Stone (so adorbs) play his love interest.  Do you think they will make a cute couple??

Ashley: I’m not sure any human is worthy of him to be honest. I love Emma Stone, too, but I don’t know if they can have better chemistry than he did with Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. Either way, I’m gonna be jealous of anyone who gets to make out with him…sigh.

Sara:  No one can beat his and Rachel’s chemistry, remember that MTV kiss?!  Double sigh, well at least we will get a look up close and personal…please remind me when there how inappropriate it is to get up and lick the screen.

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