Here’s how I know I need to take a vacation from blogging: it’s taken me two weeks just to get this post done. This seemingly simple post. Although this simple post has come with a lot of thinking. On the surface of why I’m taking a break: time. Work is looking to be a bit crazy this summer and on top of that I’ll be gone for almost three weeks on vacation (NOT complaining about that!). But beyond those reasons, I have some bigger things I need to figure out.

Girly Obsessions: Blogcation

I have a lot of ideas for this little blog, but without having a lot of time to execute them, I find myself getting frustrated. I started this blog as a creative outlet, something that reflected me, and I still enjoy it for that reason, but I feel like I’m posting more out of obligation (to who though?) and not out of actual desire. I think my frustration stems from wanting to generate original content, but with a more-than-full-time job and a pretty busy life, it’s hard to find the time to create enough quality content to be making any sort of breakthrough. And I don’t want to be in the business of regurgitating stuff that exists a million other places. That’s just not me.

Ideas have been swirling for months around a redesign, streamlining my categories, offering up some new things. But to really figure out what I want to do with Girly Obsessions, and to do it justice by not half-assing it, I’m taking the summer off. Starting three weeks ago. 😉 And I’ll reevaluate in a few months and see how I feel. Maybe I’ll have new ideas and feel inspired. Maybe I’ll just be done with it altogether. Or maybe I’ll start something new. Only time will tell. And I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse old posts. And I’ll still be somewhat active on the Girly Obsessions social networks, so keep in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram! And if you want to follow my personal Instagram account where I’ll probably be more active, I’m @fluttography.

And as always, a big thanks to all my loyal readers for sticking with me and reading this blog! You are the reason I’ve been inspired to keep it going as long as I have!

Have a WONDERFUL summer!!

Booksessed: The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst. (And a giveaway!)

[Editors note: Want to win a copy of The Marriage Bargain? Check out the giveaway at the end of the post! And thanks to Angie for this review. Sorry I took so long to post it!]

This is a very long overdue review. I actually read The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst quite a while back, and it’s definitely a good book to read between the moodier/darker ones (you know, like the Fifty-esque books) because it is so damn funny and full of witty banter. I would catch myself ACTUALLY laughing out loud.

Booksessed: The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst. #booksessed #girlyobsessions

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More Jon Hamm.

Continuing the “More Jon” series, it’s been a while since Jon Hamm’s face has graced the blog, and you can never have too much Jon Hamm appreciation, right? I’m still a season behind on Mad Men (there is really no excuse for this), so I’ve been missing my weekly dose of Jon. But thanks to what seems like months of previews for Million Dollar Arm, which is in theaters Friday, he’s lighting up my living room with his insane hotness and all that Hammy charm.

Hump Day Hottie: Jon Hamm. #jonhamm #eyecandy #humpdayhottie #girlyobsessions

And part of that hotness is not realizing just how hot he is. He told People he doesn’t take it too seriously: “It’s silly. First of all, it’s completely arbitrary. Point me to 50 people online who think I’m super sexy, I’ll point you to 50 more who say, ‘He’s old and looks like my dad.’ It’s not universal. If you buy into that, you’re crazy.” Umm, ok, Jon. Then we’re ALL crazy.

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The Lou & Grey Store.

Living in the ‘burbs of New York City certainly has its perks. Great restaurants. Water views. Nice beaches. And excellent shopping. I didn’t know much about Connecticut before moving here after college. And the only thing I knew about Westport, CT, was that it was the “country” town where Lucy and Ricky settled after moving out of the city. But the town of Westport is actually a little shopping mecca. It is home to one of only two Terrain stores in the country. Which is great for inspiration, and not so great on the wallet. A South Moon Under just moved in – a beloved retailer from my home state of Maryland. And Westport was the first town to get a Loft Lou & Grey concept store. A store that looks like it belongs in somewhere a little more hip, like Brooklyn, has landed on Main St. 

Lou & Grey Store, Westport, CT: The Ampersand. #theampersand #louandgrey #girlyobsessions

A few months ago I wrote a post about Loft’s new line, Lou & Grey, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the store pop-up almost overnight, in what used to be the petite section at my local Loft. And was thrilled to find out it was the first of its kind. I was in love with the store design. It’s clean, modern and airy. A whitewashed room with textural elements like copper, zinc, wood, marble and rope for added dimension. The simple design of the space allows the clothes to be the star. And there are really fun, subtle touches that enhance the design. Like custom designed maps of Westport, gorgeous photography and vintage records lining the floors. And if all that wasn’t enough, I was giddy over the fact that they are all about the ampersand. (I’m beyond obsessed with typography, particularly ampersands.) They are even using it for their hashtag: #theamerpersand.

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More Jon Snow.

Sorry for the silence last week. I needed a break after Hottie Madness, but I’m back now, and with yet another hottie post. I swear I have other posts to write (most of them so long overdue that they’re probably not relevant anymore), but it just so happens I’m back on a Wednesday, so a hottie it is. But is anyone really going to complain about seeing more eye candy? I didn’t think so.

Now that we’re three weeks in to the new season of Game of Thrones, the thing I’ve been hearing most from my lady friends is: MORE JON SNOW. And I agree! He’s had like, what, five minutes of air time? Clearly not enough Jon Snow. Kit Harington was featured in last years’ GOT hottie roundup post, but since the ladies are asking for it, let’s revisit the subject of Kit and look at some more photos. (Hottie sidenote: I’m thrilled that Michiel Huisman is a new addition to this season. Yum.)

Hump Day Hottie: Kit Harington. #humpdayhottie #eyecandy #girlyobsessions

It’s no wonder we want more Jon Snow. With those innocent eyes. That dark, curly hair. The pouty, full lips. The chiseled bod. Which we don’t get to see nearly enough of in GOT. If you want to see more of Kit’s bod in full gladiator status and covered in body oil, I’d recommend seeing him in Pompeii. If those reasons weren’t enough, Kit’s recent GQ interview is so randomly charming. He talks about things like his hair routine and his leading man status, all while dropping a lot of f-bombs.  

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Hottie Madness 2014 Winner: Henry Cavill! (Bonus MVH: Jonathan Rhys Meyers.)

We’ve made it to the end of Hottie Madness 2014! Four weeks. 64 hotties. And after a few close calls, major upsets and some intense battles, we’re left with one winner. I present you with the Official Hottie of 2014: Henry Cavill.

Hottie Madness 2014 Winner: Henry Cavill! #girlyobsessions #eyecandy #hottiemadness2014

Before we get into the details, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted! As always, I appreciate all the participation and support. And it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one obsessed with all these hotties. These guys are lucky to have such loyal fans. (More on that in a minute…)

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Hottie Madness 2014: Championship Game!

We’ve made it to the Championship Game in Hottie Madness 2014! We started with 64 hotties and now we’re down to two! The battle between Tudors co-stars Henry Cavill and Jonathan Rhys Meyers was intense. Both have insanely loyal fans and I hated to see either one have to lose, but Henry’s fans pushed him to the win. Obviously I’m a huge fan of ALL the hotties in this bracket, but in honor of JRM’s hotness and seriously awesome fans, I have something special planned for him on Wednesday when the Official Hottie is revealed!

You know what’s weird? Last year’s final was a seven seed vs a top seed, with the seven seed (David Gandy) taking the win. I wonder if history will repeat itself? Just a reminder, voting is blocked by IP address and cookie to keep things as fair as possible. This time I’m sharing a collection of images of each hottie to help with the voting. Good luck to our finalists and may the hottest hottie win!

Voting for this bracket ends Tuesday, April 8th at 8 PM EST.

Vote Now! Hottie Madness 2014 Championship Game! Johnny Depp vs Henry Cavill. #hottiemadness2014   #eyecandy #girlyobsessions

(7) Johnny Depp vs (1) Henry Cavill
Johnny staged a small upset over six seed Jake Gyllenhaal, and won with 59.35% of the vote. It was back and forth all weekend between Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill, but in the end Henry’s fans gave him the edge and he won with 52.51% of the vote. I feel like everywhere I look lately, I’m see Johnny Depp. Recently engaged. New movie coming out. He’s clearly on a run! But Henry’s fans have been incredibly loyal and very active. So in the battle of these two hotties, will Henry’s fans remain strong, or will Johnny pull off an upset?

Good luck to our final hotties and thanks so much for voting! Check back on Wednesday to see who is crowed the Official Hottie!

Hottie Madness 2014: The Final Four!

We’ve reached the Final Four of Hottie Madness 2014, where the top guys from each bracket have moved on to compete against each other, and who could have predicted this turnout? Henry Cavill is the only top seed remaining, and he’s facing his Tudors costar, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whose fate last round was a little shaky. (One reader commented on the last photo of him not being recent. Just to clarify, it was from a recent W photo shoot, so rest assured that JRM definitely still has his looks!) And in the top half of the bracket, we’ve ended up somewhere in the middle.

The winners of the Final Four will compete against each other for the title of Official Hottie, so who’s it going to be? Just a reminder, voting is blocked by IP address and cookie to keep things as fair as possible. Click on the names/links for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. Click here for more details and to download the bracket. 

Voting for this bracket ends Sunday, April 6th at 6 PM EST. Don’t forget to tag any social posts with #HottieMadness2014!

Vote Now! Hottie Madness 2014, Final 4! Johnny Depp vs Jake Gyllenhaal. #hottiemadness2014   #eyecandy #girlyobsessions

(7) Johnny Depp vs (6) Jake Gyllenhaal
I have to say, I didn’t expect Johnny to still be hanging in this competition, but he took out top seed Charlie Hunnam with 53% of the vote. And Jake Gyllenhaal won over top seed Justin Timberlake with 55%. Who will win this battle of the middle to move on to the Championship? I can’t even begin to predict which way the votes will go! Johnny has a new movie coming out next week, so maybe he’s more top of mind? And let’s not forget the man is 50. FIFTY. I mean, what? Looking good, Jonny.

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Hottie Madness 2014: The Elite 8

Eight more hotties were eliminated as we head into the Elite 8 of Hottie Madness 2014! After to a last minute push to secure Charlie Hunnam’s spot, three top seeds are still in the tourney. And our one remaining Cinderella Prince Charming story, eleven seed Jonathan Rhys Meyers, is still going strong. For those of you who don’t understand why, read this recent W article. He’s grouped amongst the top social media celebs with a huge Twitter following, along with last year’s winner David Gandy. (Thanks to W for the photos of hotties in bed.) Just a reminder, voting is blocked by IP address and cookie to keep things as fair as possible. Click on the names/links for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. Click here for more details and to download the bracket. 

Voting for this bracket is shorter and ends tomorrow, April 3rd at 11:59 PM EST. Don’t forget to tag any social posts with #HottieMadness2014!

Vote Now! Hottie Madness 2014, Elite 8! Charlie Hunnam vs Johnny Depp. #hottiemadness2014   #eyecandy #girlyobsessions

(1) Charlie Hunnam vs (7) Johnny Depp
Colin Firth was in the lead until late yesterday when Charlie Hunnam took the win with 53% of the vote. And Johnny Depp took out Orlando Bloom with 56%. Johnny is having a good week with his recent engagement, but can he ride that high to a victory over Charlie?

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Hottie Madness 2014: The Sweet 16.

The voting is getting tough! After eliminating 48 hotties, we’ve made it to the Sweet 16 of Hottie Madness 2014! There were A LOT of intense battles and a few upsets in Round 2. All of the top seeds are still in the tourney, and we do have some potential Cinderella stories developing (or should we call them Prince Charming’s?). I tried to choose photos that were similar to put the hotties on a more level playing field. Click on the names/links for the full post and cast your vote in each box below the photos. Click here for more details and to download the bracket. 

As a reminder, voting for this bracket is shorter and ends tomorrow, April 1st at 11:59 PM EST. Don’t forget to tag any social posts with #HottieMadness2014!

Vote Now! Hottie Madness 2014, Sweet 16! Charlie Hunnam vs Colin Firth. #hottiemadness2014   #eyecandy #girlyobsessions

(1) Charlie Hunnam vs (4) Colin Firth
Charlie had a fairly easy win over Mark Wahlberg with 62% of the vote, and as much as I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I’m thrilled to see that Colin took the win with 61%. Here we have another battle of the Brits, but can a relative newbie compete with our beloved Mr. Darcy?

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